What is hair mesotherapy?

What is hair mesotherapy?

What is hair mesotherapy?

What is hair mesotherapy?It is one of the most effective treatment methods today based on the injection of special drugs into the layer where the hair follicles are located with the microinjection method. The purpose of mesotherapy is to deliver the vitamins, minerals, oligoelements, circulatory regulators necessary for the hair to the layer where the hair follicles are located by microinjection method through a mixture and in this sense, it is applied to prevent hair loss and to improve hair loss.

Thanks to this process, the mixture is directed to the entire skin through the capillaries, nourishing the hair, eliminating circulatory disorders, and as a result, hair loss stops. Hair follicles thicken, a brighter and more vivid image is obtained. One of the most important effects is that new hair begins to grow from undead, active hair cells.

To whom is hair mesotherapy applied?

In this sense, hair mesotherapy can be applied to anyone who is facing the problem of hair loss. Since it is a treatment method without side effects, the age and gender difference is not important in this sense. Its application by the microinjection method may create the impression that it is a painful procedure, but hair mesotherapy is a painless and painless procedure.

Change by gender

The application method of hair mesotherapy differs in terms of gender. The reason for this can be shown as occurring due to variable problems in women and men. In the vast majority of men, hair loss occurs due to genetic reasons. For this reason, in addition to the application of mesotherapy, the use of a special drug may be in conjunction with the treatment in order for the treatment to be permanent.

In women, this situation is different. Women mainly due to hormonal reasons; They may experience hair loss due to many reasons such as genetic causes, before and after birth, stress, iron deficiency. In this case, the underlying pathology is primarily eliminated and then mesotherapy procedures are applied.

How long is hair mesotherapy effective with the procedures performed?

If there is an underlying pathological cause, there is no need to perform mesotherapy unless there is another problem after this problem is eliminated. However, in the spills experienced due to genetic problems, even if mesotherapy is performed, genetic problems will come into play again and genetic problems are not yet preventable treatment method, this problem should be prevented by having mesotherapy done as 1 session in monthly or 3 months.