The Importance of Hair Pre-Hair Transplantation in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the method used quite frequently by individuals with hair problems, which is widely used today with the developing technology. Thanks to hair transplantation, individuals continue their lives quite happily by having a natural appearance. Hair transplantation can be easily applied to individuals who have sparse hair as well as to individuals who have not completely lost their hair.

What is the importance of the front line of the hair in hair transplantation?

The most decisive method for the hair transplantation process to be natural is to determine the front line of the hair correctly. Since the front line of the hair is the most noticeable area, it is necessary to determine the most suitable hairline. The physician who will perform hair transplantation first takes into account the wishes of the person and determines how the hairline should be according to this stop. In men, the front line of the hair has a V appearance and hair transplantation is performed accordingly. Since the front line of the hair will affect the amount of root to have a natural appearance, the more roots are taken, the more natural appearance will be obtained. After determining how the front line of the hair should be, the patient is informed exactly how the result will be.

In the face of improperly performed hair transplantation applications, the individual is not satisfied with this situation and in some cases it is inevitable to repeat it. The mistake made on the front line of the hair is quite significant. Because the wrong hair transplantation in this area requires a lot of effort. Successful hair transplantation only produces positive results because it is done by experts. The smoother the front line of the hair and the more proportional it is to the facial structure of the person, the more natural the hair transplantation will be.

Having a hair transplant against hair loss is now a normal thing. Individuals who are discharged on the same day will get positive results as long as they take care of themselves.