Hair Transplant Antalya

In recent years, hair loss has started to increase at a very serious rate due to unbalanced nutrition, severe living conditions, stress and various environmental factors. Although various drugs and natural methods are used against hair loss, none of them can give effective results, hair transplantation is the most effective solution for hair to regrow and regain its natural appearance after hair loss. Almost all people who have hair transplantation achieve a successful result. Especially hair transplantation is highly preferred by people living in Antalya. Because hair transplantation is at a highly developed level in Antalya. Now, hair transplantation is performed painlessly by all companies in Antalya province using local anesthesia with FUE technique . After hair transplantation, hair is completely removed between 8-12 months.

Hair transplantation in Antalya

Hair transplantation can be performed by anyone between the ages of 18-70 who does not have a serious health problem. However, in order to minimize the complications that may occur during and after hair transplantation, the doctor you will have hair transplantation should know your diseases, blood pressure, sugar problems and the medicines you use. In particular, some blood liquefiing aspirin-like drugs make it difficult to clot the holes opened in the head during hair transplantation.

For this reason, your doctor should know all the medications you use.

Although almost everyone can have hair transplantation, some people can grow hair in a shorter time and some can grow in a later time. This is a condition caused by the metabolic nature of the person. Although the hair in everyone literally grows within 12 months at the latest, the hair that comes out may not be at a level that pleases people because mistakes are made during hair transplantation in some people.

If you do not want to encounter sparsely transplanted hair, hair transplanted in the wrong direction or hair with the wrong hairline after hair transplantation, you should choose hair transplantation Antalya company very well.